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Our flavorful, nutrient dense meat stocks, made with quality, pasture raised animals and organic produce, from local Idaho farms. All of our stocks are conveniently packaged frozen in Quart Mason jars.

Meat stock plays a key role in healing the body. Rich in amino acids, gelatin, healthy fats and most importantly collagen; it contains everything needed to heal and seal a damaged gut lining. A healthful addition to a meal or balanced and nourishing on its own! Enjoy at any time.

Chicken Meat Stock

Simple, savory and satisfying. Chicken stock is gentle on a sensitive digestive system and full of flavor.
$15 Per Quart

Beef Meat Stock

A clean & robust beef flavored meat stock. Rich in nourishing nutrients that aid in healing
$15 Per Quart

Bulk Order Stock

Need to be stocked up on stock? Place a bulk order of 12 or more jars of the same flavor
$180 Per Case

Our hearty and wholesome soups make a convenient, comforting meal. Made with the highest quality meats & wholesome produce, cooked to perfection in nutrient-dense meat stock. This meal is nourishing and easy to digest, providing the body with clean, long-lasting energy in a delicious form! All of our soups are packaged frozen in qt glass Mason Jars. They are super convenient to have on hand, whether you’re busy on the go or are needing some different options for dinner!

Chicken Veggie Soup

Dependable, delicious chicken vegetable soup, cooked to perfection in chicken meat stock. Vegetables vary with the season, but are always anti-inflammatory.
$20 Per Quart

Beef Veggie Soup

Classic, savory beef vegetable soup. Prepared with love, using seasonal vegetables & grass fed/finished beef, cooked in healing meat stock. Beef soup always hits the spot.
$20 - Per Quart

Seasonal Soups:

Cowboy Beef Soup
Tender beef, seasonal veggies and our cowboy seasoning blend all cooked to perfection in nourishing beef stock.

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup
Savory, slightly sweet, coconutty & balanced. Organic chicken, bell peppers, mushrooms + shallots in chicken stock, seasoned with coconut milk, fish sauce, lime leaves, and coconut sugar.

$20 Per Quart

Bulk Order Soup

Have a specific soup request? Place a bulk order of 12 or more soups of the same flavor. We will work to accommodate your needs.
$240 Per Case

A robust, balanced gut microbiome is an important aspect of a healthy gut. In the average adult, approximately 6 lbs of beneficial bacteria inhabit this biome. This microbial colony preforms of life giving tasks for the body, and without them we probably wouldn’t survive. 

Eating Fermented Foods helps to keep the gut microbiome balanced, diverse and happy. They’re rich in probiotics, enzymes and digestible fiber that our bodies can easily absorb and put to use.

Plain Green Sauerkraut

Crunchy & tasty, sauerkraut is rich in probiotic bacteria and bioavailable nutrients. Organic Green Cabbage, Celtic Sea salt, and love. That's it.
$10 Pint | $15 Quart

Flavored Kraut

Flavored Kraut - for the fancy in you.
Flavors Availble: German Style (garlic, dill, caraway seed) Golden Sun (turmeric, ginger, carrot)
Lemon Dill
Honeycrisp Apple Kraut
Ginger Beet
$12 Pint | $18 Quart

Fermented Carrot Salad

Shredded carrots, Celtic Sea salt, raw milk whey, and filtered well water.
Carrots contain unique nutrition that is specifically beneficial to women whom are trying to balance their hormone cycle. This salad can: safely detox excess estrogen, safely eliminate endotoxins, promotes healthy digestion + regular bowel movements, supports optimal liver function, boosts thyroid function + and is abundant in beneficial bacteria.
$14 Pint | $21 Quart

Vegetable Medley

A special type of ferment with a brine created by combining kefir whey & salt to filtered water. Vegetables are added to the brine and the living bacteria will begin to break down and ferment the vegetables; rendering them to be rich in probiotics and beneficial enzymes. This is considered a "Forever Ferment", meaning you can keep replenishing the vegetables with what's on hand to feed the bacteria and the fermentation process can continue indefinitely. A great choice for gardeners. $25 Per 2 Quart Jar

~ Eating fermented food is a powerful way to supply the gut with probiotic bacteria to strengthen and bring diversity to the community. Lactic acid found in these foods promote the growth of healthy flora.

Pickled Seasonal Vegetable

There are methods to make pickling more gut friendly, swapping the usual components like white vinegar and white sugar out with alive versions like Apple Cider Vinegar and natural sweeteners like honey. Our seasonal pickled veggies make a delicious & health giving snack.
$15 Quart


For the pickle lovers, our gut healthy pickles are available for you! A crunchy, flavorful cucumber snack to chomp on any time of the day. ACV, whey, salt, honey, garlic, dill, our signature pickling spices, and cucumbers. Spicy upon request.
$14 Quart

Korean Pickled Radishes

Korean Style Pickled Radishes. A speciality item. Made with crunchy daikon radishes, turmeric (+black pepper for activation), raw local honey, raw Apple Cider Vinegar, bay leaves and garlic - this pickled food has a surprisingly pleasant sweet taste! They pair well with hearty meat dishes and provide a nice fresh flavor.
$17 Quart

Pickled Garlic

A powerful natural antibiotic. Full of anti-viral, anti-fungal & immune boosting properties. Pickled garlic packs a big punch and can reduce inflammation.
$10 Pint

Beet Kvass pickled Eggs

Pasture raised, organic eggs pickled in a beautiful brine of beet kvass. Not only are they pretty, but they're probiotic as well.
$3 each | $24 Dozen

Cultured Dairy and other probiotic beverages have been used to support and soothe digestive disorders for centuries. Our ancestors understood the intricate relationship we have with microbes that live on virtually everything on the planet, and used these foods as tools to bring comfort and healing to an upset or sensitive gut. 

Raw Milk Yogurt

Yogurt is a soothing tool that is a rich source of probiotics. Delicious and easy to work into a diet, it's great for adults and children alike. It's a mild form of cultured dairy in terms of taste and benefits. It's gentle enough to bring relief to a sensitive or inflamed digestive system.

We get our Raw Yogurt from Wild Spaces Farm, located in Glenn's Ferry - on Saturdays from the Farmer's Market.
*Temporarily Unavailable for the winter season, they will be back in the Spring*

$14 Quart

Raw Milk Kefir

Kefir is similar to yogurt but much more powerful. It is a complete and balanced colony of some 200 microbes living in their own bio-film, called kefir grains. It is a powerful medicine for the digestive system, fungal overgrowth anywhere in the body, skin problems and other ailments. It stimulates and rebalances the immune system, the gut flora and microbial flora everywhere else in the body, AND it makes milk easier to digest.
$12 Quart

Crème Fraîche (aka Sour Cream)

Quality, full fat raw cream combined with raw milk whey, cultured for at least 24hrs to create beautiful & delicious cultured cream aka Crème Fraîche.
It's a versatile food that can be made into a gut-healing treat when a sweetener is added, used as a garnish for soups, or added to a smoothie for blood sugar balance.
$15 Pint

Kefir Grains

Can't get enough kefir? Obtain the grains and make it on your own! These mini cauliflower guys are super robust and very hard to kill. Implementing kefir into your wellness regime is an empowering way to supply your body with beneficial bacteria and yeasts. Kefir is a powerful tool that can bring soothing balance to any system or surface of the body. Taking care of them is a super easy and rewarding process.

1 TBSP of Grains in each portion
$15 Per Portion
*Comes with care instructions

Honey Butter

Kerrigold Irish Butter, sea salt and local raw honey. Not only nourishing and full of healthy fat, it's deliciously sweet but doesn't feed harmful bacteria. It is a therapeutic tool in the GAPS Diet, used to help kick sugar cravings. Fat is the preferred source of energy for the brain, heart and lungs - there's truly no need to feel guilty, enjoy this honey butter and lots of it! For the sake of health!
$10 1/2 Pint | $15 Pint

Raw Milk Whey

Raw milk whey made by allowing raw milk to separate from milk solids and pure milk fat. Whey is the liquid left over from the process. It is a very potent and nourishing beverage or tool, that can be an excellent source of enzymes and probiotic bacteria. It can be added to freshly pressed juices, soups and stews. You can add some salt, spices and or diluted with water & take it as a beverage. It can also be used as a starter for fermentations.
$8 8oz | $14 16oz

Probiotic Beverages are a wonderful way to inoculate your gut microbiome with a diverse profile of beneficial bacteria. They’re a tasty way to bring support and detoxification to your gut! 

Probiotic Beet Kvass

Beetroot kvass is an old digestive remedy. Made with red beets, garlic, ginger, salt and whey, this healthy beverage is probiotic and is wonderful for supporting stomach upsets. Beets are effective at regulating bowel movements and cleansing the blood and liver.
$15 Quart

Golden Beet Kvass

This kvass is made with golden beets, turmeric + black pepper for activation, ginger, salt, and whey. Similar to red beet kvass in its benefits however this one contains anti-inflammatory properties.
$15 Quart

Probiotic Fruit Kvass

An effervescent & refreshing drink! This is a poppy & fun way to get some probiotics into your diet & lifestyle. It's sweet and easy to handle, if you're not a fan or savory vegetable based probiotic beverages.
$15 Quart

Cabbage Tonic

Cabbage Tonic is a healthful, probiotic rich beverage. Made with cabbage, salt, whey & water. Essentially, it's sauerkraut but with more liquid, you're meant to drink it instead of eating the cabbage - Using it more as a gut shot. Cabbage has its own microbial community by itself but when combined with the probiotic rich whey, this is an effective, powerful tool to bring balance & diversity.
$15 Quart

Microgreens are young, nutrient-loaded plants that pack a powerful punch in a small package. Studies have shown that they can contain up to 40x more vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants compared to their fully grown counterparts. They’re very easy method of adding more nutrient density to your meals.

 Add them into soups, salads, egg dishes, smoothies, meat dishes, salads, or use them as a fanciful garnish. Not only are they cute, but they also bring big benefits! *Please place orders 1 week ahead*

Rotation Microgreens

We grow 1-2 trays of different variety Microgreens each week. Comes in 2oz Boxes
Prices Vary Depending on What's Growing.
Please check our instagram for nutrition info for what we have available this week.

Bulk Order

Are you a local business, restaurant or just need to feed a crowd? Place a bulk order for a whole tray of microgreens. Get in touch and we can discuss the available options.
$20 Per Tray

Bundles are perfect for people and families that would like to eat to support gut health and overall wellness, but have a busy schedule that isn’t supportive of regular cooking! With these bundles, you have the opportunity to get a little bit of everything, in varying packages that meet your family’s changing needs. 

Please place all bundle orders a week ahead to allow for efficient preparation. 

The Lil Bit of Everythang Bundle  $75  

Just as the name suggests, you get a lil bit of everythang! Ideal for first time buyers that want to try it all.

2 Stocks of choice
1 Soups of choice
1 Plain Sauerkraut
1 Kefir or Yogurt

The Sickness Recovery Bundle | $110

Sickness taking its course on you or the family? This is everything you need to make the healing process faster! Each food is packed with nourishment and has a specific job in supporting your immune system.
Get back to feeling good with some feel good food. 

2 Stocks of choice
2 Soups of choice
1 Pickled Garlic
1 Kefir or Yogurt
1 Plain Kraut
1 Honey Butter

The Busy Bee Bundle | $160 

For the Busy Bees that need a few healthy, nourishing meals throughout the week. Perfect for feeding a single worker bee, or a whole hive.

4 Stocks of choice
3 Soups of choice
1 Plain Sauerkraut (+$2 flavored)
1 Pickled Seasonal Veggies
1 Kefir or Yogurt
1 box of Micro-greens

The Ferment Junkie Bundle | $175 

For those who just can’t get enough of the goodness from fermentations.

1 Qt Fermented Carrots
2 Pints Plain Sauerkrauts
2 Pints Flavored Krauts
1 Dozen Beet Kvass Eggs
1 Pickled Vegetable
1 Korean Pickled Radish
1 Jar of Pickles
1 Beet Kvass or Cabbage Tonic
1 Fruit Kvass

The ‘I need this in my life’ Bundle | $220 

Relax, let us take care of the cooking for you! This bundle is Chef’s Choice and is packed with delicious meals to get you through the week.

5 Stocks
4 Soups
1 Sauerkraut (plain or flavored)
1 Seasonal Pickled Veggie
2 jars Kefir or Yogurt
Choice of: Cultured Cream or Beet Kvass
2 boxes of Micro-greens

The Ultimate GoodFood Bundle | $375 

The Ultimate Plan for Busy Health Nuts! This is everything you could possibly need to nourish you and  your family’s bodies. 

7 Stocks
6 Soups
2 Sauerkrauts (plain or flavored)
1 Pickled Veggie of choice
1 Pickled Garlic
2 jars Kefir
1 Yogurt
2 pints Cultured Cream
2 jars Kvass: Beet or Fruit
3 boxes of Micro-greens

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